Could Do Pad


✓ Boost productivity and minimise stress

✓ 1-3-5 system could-do pad

180 daily productivity sheets

The Could Do Pad is your key to a more organised, less stressful day. Using the 1-3-5 system, this little wonder pad will be your best friend if you’re trying to boost productivity and minimise anxiety.

How to use

Simplify your to-do list with our Could Do Pad, using the 1-3-5 technique created by productivity experts, write down 1 Big task, 3 Medium tasks and 5 small tasks to manage your day in the most productive way.

Learn more from our product guide - how to use our could do pad

Luxurious Design

  • Desk pad bound in studio-green vegan leather

  • 180 sheets of daily productivity

  • Premium recycled ivory paper

  • A5 size

  • Perforated sheets

Our Guarantee 

If after 30 days of consecutive use, you feel you have gained no benefit, we will give you 100% of your money back. Simply contact

    Each morning at a glance.

    Take an inside look at how you can best prepare your brain and body for a busy day.

    1. Daily Gratitude
    2. Meditation
    3. Movement
    4. Vision alignment
    5. Daily affirmations
    6. Journal with bonus coaching questions
    7. Motivational personal mission statement