Your brain is running 100 mph, 100% of the time.

You’ve got your mind on the impact, the money, and keeping your life together as you grow your business every day. Although you’re in the top percentage of people working hard to make a difference in the world, you’re also most likely to be overwhelmed, uncomfortable, and sometimes…just lost.

Dealing with overwhelm as an entrepreneur is an essential skill if you want to make it in the long run. Our journals and deskpads help you stay on track while building your empire.

Helping Creatives,

At OCCO, we believe your SUCCESS starts with tiny habits...

The morning routine that helps you GET FOCUSED.

OCCO London could do pad lying on packaging

The desk pad that BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY in your busy entrepreneurial life.

The weekly planner that restores your work-life balance and empowers you to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.

OCCO London weekly planner pad
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Our tools are designed by creatives with true success benefits: to help you get focused, boost productivity, grow your business, and achieve your goals.

And, most importantly, ensuring you are healthy and happy.

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Our Customers Say...

Great journal

When I have a day of thinking or creative work, it's my go to. Helps clear my mind so I can think properly.

Laura, Nottingham, UK

Love it!

Arrived on time. Beautifully packaged. Great layout for a weekly planner/goal setting schedule.

Eloise, Birmingham, UK

Quality desk pad

Easy to use and works like a dream. Quality is brilliant. My productivity has already increased, one week on.

Ollie, London, UK

Perfect Gift

Arrived beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon. Easy communication, and arrived bang on time.

Kate, Surrey, UK

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Our Bestseller

A collection of all OCCO London products both green and white
£135.00 GBP

A combination of powerful tools, The Founders Bundle has everything a creative needs to thrive in business - the healthy way.

    Our Mission
    & Story

    At OCCO London our mission is to help one million creative entrepreneurs succeed in life and business without compromising their health and happiness.