Priority Pad

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There are lots of small, nit-picky things in your business constantly screaming for attention, but these aren’t the tasks that will make your business successful. These little chores keep you busy, and instead of working on the important tasks, most creative people let the loudest problems take most of their attention. The Priority Pad makes sure you focus on the tasks that matter the most to your business, helping you steer the ship in the right direction.

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    A tool that helps you focus on the big stuff


    Birds-eye view of all tasks
    Identify high-priority tasks
    Urgent vs Important Matrix
    Task organisation & tick box


    Creates more time
    Boosts productivity
    Increases focus & clarity
    Reduces stress & anxiety


    A5 cotton-based vegan pad
    104 sheets
    110gsm ivory pages
    FSC-certified paper

    OCCO London priority pad with coffee and pencil

    Focus on the
    big stuff

    In business, the little stuff kills the big stuff. Stop wasting time on low-yielding tasks, like constantly checking emails and activities you could delegate or outsource. It’s time to prioritise your success.

    Be productive,
    not busy

    Being productive is not the same as being busy. Learn to remove distracting tiny tasks and focus on the important tasks that are going to produce the most success.

    OCCO London priority pad lying on tiles with other OCCO London products
    OCCO London priority pad on Linen in sheet

    More money, more freedom

    Stop wasting time working on the everyday low-value tasks. Instead invest more time on the areas of our business that have the most leverage and the largest potential to make you money.

    Streamline your day, focus your energy and time on what really matters

    How it works

    1. Write down all of your tasks.

    Score each task by urgency and importance. 

    Jot down each task onto the graph to gain a visual representation of your workload.

    Tasks in the top right quadrant - start with these

    Tasks in the bottom right quadrant - do next

    Tasks in the top left quadrant - schedule in your diary / delegate

    Tasks in the bottom left quadrant - delete / archive / ignore

    Frequently asked questions

    Is every sheet of The Priority Pad the same?
    Yes! With all the sheets the same, it helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to use it, giving you more time to do the tasks that matter most.
    How long does The Priority Pad last for?
    The Priority Pad last for 3 months of consecutive daily use.
    Is The Priority Pad dated?
    No! The Priority Pad has no dates so you can use it as little or often as you need to keep you on track.
    What is The Priority Pad made of?
    The Priority Pad is made from FSC-certified 110gsm ivory paper and recycled grey card, with a cotton-based vegan cover.
    Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?
    Yes we do! Add 10+ products of the same product to your basket and get 20% off. This will automatically applied at checkout.

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