Weekly Planner Pad


Our weekly planner pad can help you make progress in every aspect of your life and stay balanced. The layout combines your daily appointments with your goals, priorities and more.

A simple system to organise your entire life

 Improve your work-life balance

 Set weekly, monthly and 90 day goals

How to use

Start by adding the date and write this months/90 day’s goals. Underneath, list weekly goals for each area of life. This way you continuously make progress in every aspect of your life and stay balanced.

Jot down your week’s priorities to keep track of important to-do’s and repeat for each day as required. Then fill in your appointments on the weekly schedule.

Learn more from our product guide - how to use our weekly planner pad.

Luxurious Design

  • Vegan leather cover

  • 52 sheets of weekly planning

  • Premium recycled ivory paper

  • A4 size

  • Perforated sheets

Our Guarantee 

If after 30 days of consecutive use, you feel you have gained no benefit, we will give you 100% of your money back. Simply contact customercare@occolondon.com.

Each morning at a glance.

Take an inside look at how you can best prepare your brain and body for a busy day.

1. Daily Gratitude
2. Meditation
3. Movement
4. Vision alignment
5. Daily affirmations
6. Journal with bonus coaching questions
7. Motivational personal mission statement