Who are we?

We are a performance coaching company. We help creative entrepreneurs achieve their extraordinary goals without compromising their health and happiness.

OCCO London is founded by creatives for creatives. We provide productivity tools and coaching in the areas you need it most, empowering you to win at business and life.

We’re also a community that believes mindset is a key factor for creating the success you want. Journals and desk pads won’t change the world on their own. But with a lets-slow-down-to-speed-up, growth-over-perfection spirit, the individuals who use them can.

Our on-the-go community treats every day like it’s made for high-performance happiness, and we’re always slowing down to do better too. Like designing products from responsibly sourced materials and recycled paper; caring for both your body and the planet.

About Clare & Ollie

Unknown to each other at the time, we were both working as designers in London. Ollie was designing the theatre sets for Bat Out Of Hell - The Muscial, Dream Girls - The Musical, and The Nutcracker Ballet, whilst Clare was designing retail spaces for Tanqueray, Cadburys & Lacoste.

We both experienced high levels of stress, pressure and exhaustion. We discovered that we couldn't continue living this way, our success was destroying both our happiness and health. We both burnt-out. Clare was medically diagnosed with anxiety and depression and Ollie suffered with suicidal thoughts.

Arriving back in the Cotswolds, we first met each other on a Bumble date. Over the next three years, we both worked with therapists and life coaches to become ourselves again

Clare, now happy and medication free, retrained and set up her own business -The Happiness Coach, helping ambitious women achieve their outrageous goals. Ollie, now empowered through his resilient mindset, looking forward to representing GB in Australia at the World Duathlon Championships 2022.

OCCO London was born from suffering - we don't want others to suffer like we did. It could have all been prevented if we had access to the products we have designed. High performers naturally have extremely high expectations and therefore are very susceptible to anxiety, low mood and exhaustion.

Our products are here to help you continue to perform at a high level and be happy and healthy.

We’ve gone from burnout, anxiety, and depression to confident, at ease and in control. We are excited to be part of thousands of other ambitious go-getters in their journey towards high-performance happiness.

Be True

to your values, intentions
and others.

Be Kind

to yourself, others, the planet.

Be Balanced

work and play, body and mind,
success and happiness.

Be Fearless

throw yourself in, make
mistakes, grow and develop.