6 Steps Towards a Balanced Week Using Our Weekly Planner Pad

This weekly planner has been designed to help you create balance in your life to guarantee high-performance happiness. 

How to use our weekly planner pad 

Weekly Planner Pad Example


Start by adding the date. Pages are undated so you can start whenever you need to.




Write down your monthly goals in the blank boxes. Writing your monthly goals each week allows you to remind yourself of what you are working towards. Make sure they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound). 

Monthly goal examples

 Read 30 minutes everyday before bed Go to hot yoga class on Tuesday and Thursday, every week
Write three chapters of business plan Find a Life Coach to work with




Identify your 90-day goals. Why 90 days? In a recent study, 88% of participants were able to achieve their goals or to see significant progress after just three months, and only 16% were able to achieve their goals or make significant progress at the end of a nine month period. Focusing on our goals for a maximum of 90 days, allows us to maintain motivation even if life throws you a curveball.

It’s important to note that your long term vision is very different from your goals. Your goals should be in alignment with your vision, helping you to take focused and bite size steps every day towards achieving your desired life.

90-day goal examples 

Complete Marketing Plan Phase 1 Visit Grandma and Grandad
Establish formal business plans for 2022
Set a new 10k PB
Save £1500 more to go travelling Increase sales performance by 1%
Re-connect with family member
Confidently lead in April's board meeting




Write down your goals for the week for each area in your life. Make sure to fill out a goal for each area, balance is key to high-performance happiness!

 Area Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

Business & Career

Finish website copy by Friday 5pm Ask for a pay rise in my review on Monday Book onto (career development course)
Family & Friends Ring Rachel Organise a family day trip for next month Send a gift to (friends name)
Growth & Learning Read Atomic Habits 20 minutes a day Watch TedX talk on (topic) Email five CEO's inspire me and ask them a provoking question
Health & Vitality Strength session x2 Walk 30 minutes each day Physio exercises 20 minutes a day
Love & Partnership Go kayaking with Ollie Join the local tennis club Sign up to Bumble
Productivity & Performance Take a break every 25 minutes Practice presentation for 30 minutes, three times before Thursday Drink 2L of water a day
Thoughts & Emotions Complete Morning Mindset every day Mediate for 5 minutes everyday Journal two times this week
Wealth & Lifestyle Set up SIPP by Friday 5pm Join SOHO as a member Book tickets to (music/theatre/cinema show)




Under weekly priorities, write down this week's top tasks. Use our Priority Pad to easily prioritise your tasks.




Below Today's Top Priorities, write each day's top three important tasks. Only three allowed! Again, use our Priority Pad to help you prioritise these and then jot them down onto our Could Do Pad to help you boost productivity even more.




Write down all of your meetings and appointments onto the weekly appointment schedule. Try not to write down your tasks here. Keep it clean and simple, only appointments. This way, you will reduce the potential of clutter and allow yourself to easily prioritise your tasks to fit around fixed appointments/meetings.