5 Steps to Improve Your Productivity with our Priority Pad

Our Priority Pad is perfect for upgrading your productivity and making sure you focus on the tasks that matter most. Ideal for managing a busy week and making sure you stay in control of your workload, this pad is key for those times when you're drowning under a million things to do, as it helps you visualise what's really important and what can wait.

How to use our priority pad

Priority Pad Example 

Step 1

Write down all of your tasks/ideas/to-do’s in the table under “Task I COULD do”.


Step 2

Score all tasks out of 10 for Urgency.

Score Description Example of deadline
10 Extensive urgency
Yesterday - today
7 Significant urgency
1-2 days
5 Moderate urgency
7 days
2 Minor urgency
3 months
0 No urgency
10 months



Step 3

Score all tasks out of 10 for Importance.

Score Description
10 Very important Your professional/personal life depends on it
7 Fairly important Your
professional/personal life would highly benefit from it
5 Moderately important Your professional/personal life would mildly benefit from it
Slightly important
Your professional/personal life could benefit from it, but it's not crucial
0 No importance
Your professional/personal life doesn't benefit from it, there is no impact if it is or isn't done


Step 4

Write down each task in the grid.

For example task F “email manufacturer” scores 8 for urgency and 9 for importance, so is placed on the grid 8 along the urgency horizontal axis and 9 along the importance vertical axis.


Step 5

Start Tasks located in grid’s top right corner (Do Now section)
In the example you would start with task F, then G, A, I.

Tasks in grid’s bottom right = Do Next.
In the example this would be task S.

Tasks in grid’s bottom left = DELETE.
Tasks M and O in the example would be deleted from your list. Do not do these. 

Tasks in grid’s top left = SCHEDULE.
In the example; tasks N, B, L would be scheduled into your calendar for later on in the week or month depending on deadline/preference.