Priority Pad

Our Priority Pad is perfect for upgrading your productivity and making sure you focus on the tasks that matter most. Ideal for managing a busy week and making sure you stay in control of your workload, this pad is key for those times when you're drowning under a million things to do, as it helps you visualise what's really important and what can wait.

How to use our priority pad

Priority Pad Example 

Step 1

Write down all of your tasks/ideas/to-do’s in the table under “Task I COULD do”.


Step 2

Score all tasks out of 10 for Urgency.

Score Description Example of deadline
10 Extensive urgency
Yesterday - today
7 Significant urgency
1-2 days
5 Moderate urgency
7 days
2 Minor urgency
3 months
0 No urgency
10 months



Step 3

Score all tasks out of 10 for Importance.

Score Description
10 Very important Your professional/personal life depends on it
7 Fairly important Your
professional/personal life would highly benefit from it
5 Moderately important Your professional/personal life would mildly benefit from it
Slightly important
Your professional/personal life could benefit from it, but it's not crucial
0 No importance
Your professional/personal life doesn't benefit from it, there is no impact if it is or isn't done


Step 4

Write down each task in the grid.

For example task F “email manufacturer” scores 8 for urgency and 9 for importance, so is placed on the grid 8 along the urgency horizontal axis and 9 along the importance vertical axis.


Step 5

Start Tasks located in grid’s top right corner (Do Now section)
In the example you would start with task F, then G, A, I.

Tasks in grid’s bottom right = Do Next.
In the example this would be task S.

Tasks in grid’s bottom left = DELETE.
Tasks M and O in the example would be deleted from your list. Do not do these. 

Tasks in grid’s top left = SCHEDULE.
In the example; tasks N, B, L would be scheduled into your calendar for later on in the week or month depending on deadline/preference.