8 Steps to Build the Best Morning Routine With Our Journal

Morning Mindset Journal with writing

This journal has been designed to help you create habits that will accelerate your high-performance happiness. To benefit the most from this journal, you are invited to use it daily, ideally in the morning to set you up for the day ahead. Enjoy the process, and remember it takes time to create a lifelong positive habit.

How to use our Morning Mindset Journal

Morning Mindset Journal Example

Step 1

Start by adding the date. Pages are undated so you can start or stop whenever you need to.


Step 2

Here you are invited to write five things you're grateful for. Everyday you are to think of new people/places/objects that you are thankful to have in your life, whilst not repeating what you wrote the previous day!
List five things your grateful for

Gratitude helps counteract your brain’s natural tendency to focus on the negatives by focusing on the “rewards” in your life. You will find you start to notice more pleasant things in your life and the opportunities you are presented with. It’s the ultimate happiness magnet. Learn more about how gratitude works.


Step 3

Set your movement intention. What movement will help you get the most out of today? What does your body need? It doesn’t matter what it is, just make sure you move. 

Movement of choice is

Movement helps release positive hormones & there is scientific proof that movement increases wellbeing.


Step 4

Set your meditation intention. You can choose from a 3 minute breathing space meditation through to a longer 30+ minutes meditation. The choices is yours!

Meditation has incredible benefits. Neuroscientists and psychological studies have found that it not only lowers people’s stress and anxiety it also helps them focus and gain more attention, but most of all it increases people’s happiness.

Meditation of choice is

Learning how to meditate can take time, we suggest you start with a 3 minute meditation and increase your time slowly. 


Step 5

Choose five desires from your vision board. What feeling will this give you once you achieve it?

An example of one of our desires is to be financially free. So we could write “Pride and sense of comfort as a result of being financially free.”Five feelings from my vision board are...Really have a think of what emotion or sensation will this desire provide you? Pride, relief, happiness, excitement, powerful, relaxation, calmness, etc.


Step 6

To overcome competing beliefs that are halting your success and happiness write down five affirmations

Today my affirmations areCreate your own affirmations by reading our guide on how to write affirmations.


Step 7

This is a space for you to journal - write everything that is going on in your head. What thoughts kept appearing while you were meditating? What is annoying you at the moment? What are you enjoying in your life?

Don’t try to do this perfectly. That is not the aim.

The aim is to get all of your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.
Then have a read through, cross out things that you might disagree with and circle/highlight things that are maybe re-occurring that you can discuss with your coach/therapist.

Use our coaching questions / journal prompts for inspiration. 

Journalling example

Remember to also write down your goals as if they have happened! This way your mind will subconsciously think you have already achieved them... so through the law of attraction you are more likely to achieve them.

Think of it this way, if you keep thinking you have to stop drinking coffee... chances are you will end up drinking more coffee as you will be constantly thinking of coffee!

So, if one of your goals is to become financially free - write “I am so thankful that I am financially free!” everyday. By doing this, you are more likely to see new opportunities & take them whilst everyone else is too busy thinking negative thoughts.

If you require further help, read our guide on how to journal


Step 8

State your personal mission statement - write a sentence that outlines what your purpose it. Why do you wake up every morning? What makes you really want to do something?

Personal mission statement exampleOnce you have found your purpose & written it as a statement you will no longer need to weigh pros and cons when faced with a decision. You will know what you stand for, what your life is about and what you will or will not do. It creates freedom & relief! Use our guide to create your own personal mission statement.