3 Tips For Getting Started With Your Could Do Pad

Ever find yourself trying to cram in 100 tasks and then having to stop because of exhaustion?

Our Could Do Pad is designed for high-performers who need to slow-down-to-speed-up. The name says it all, remember you always have a choice.

How to use our could do pad

✓ Use daily

✓ Best after Weekly Planner and Priority Pad 

Could do pad example

Tip!  Before starting, prioritise your tasks with our priority pad.

Step 1

Under 1 BIG, jot down the most important task for the day. This task you prioritise over all of the others. It might also be the task that will consume the most amount of time. Remember that you always have a choice, this is something you could do.

Step 2

Under 3 MEDIUM, jot down 3 medium sized tasks. These could take 30mins - 1 hour, or might be shorter or longer in duration but more urgent/important than the 5 smaller tasks.

Step 3

Under 5 SMALL, jot down five small tasks. We recommend including your wellbeing tasks here to (see example above). The key to high-performance happiness is balance, if you just focus on work and don’t let your mind and body recharge you performance will only do one thing... lower it!